Chevron Refinery Turnarounds




Our team planned and executed back-to-back pull feed dates for two key projects: the Eight Plant Turnaround and the #2 Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) Turnaround.

Multiple Turnaround Success in California

Richmond, CA

For seven months, Harder crews carried out a robust list of turnaround scopes and ASME code repairs. Workers had only 18-inches of access to tunnel and replace 30 stainless steel trays inside four-foot columns. Teams also replaced multiple exchanger bundles, carbon and stainless-steel piping systems, and packing material in distillation columns.

In a matter of just two weeks, Harder ramped up from four to 100 people onsite to manage the projects and aggressive schedules. Not only did the crew of pipe fitters, boilermakers, and laborers work day and night shifts to complete ahead of schedule, but Harder maintained productivity above 1.0 and there were no recordable injuries in 100,000 hours worked. Furthermore, QA/QC concluded turnover within 24 hours of work completion in the field.


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