Recent Project

Genentech Fill & Finish

  • Harder installed all critical hygienic piping for 300,000-square-foot fill finish facility.
  • This included over 40,000 lineal feet of validated piping for:
    • WFI
    • CIP
    • Clean Steam
    • Process

Meeting the Highest Industry Standards

Biopharmaceutical is anything but business as usual. We understand the complexity of critical hygienic systems. Our standard operating procedures are designed to incorporate your unique industry needs. We don’t tolerate imperfections. We know how to specify all systems to their use.

To ensure purity, Harder uses proven processes for receiving, storing, and handling our building materials. Our craftspeople are experts at the specialized, sloped piping your projects require. From cGMP quality-control measures to ASME-BPE compliance, we adhere to the strictest of purity standards.



Safety is at the heart of quality and performance. Our customers trust us to manage safe and successful projects.
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