Process Skids & Modular Construction

Prefabrication saves you time and money. We build complex skids using specialized skills developed for your industry. Delivering and installing preassembled skids reduces downtime, lowers labor costs, and minimizes the impact on your operations.

Custom Systems When and Where You Need Them

Employing process skids can change the face of a project. We can speed up projects and reduce costs by providing:

  • Quality assurance validation throughout
  • Delivery coordinated by rail, road, or sea
  • Coordinated project completion with Harder’s own steel, concrete, and installation teams

In environments where downtime is expensive and at customer sites intolerant of large crews, our process skid systems allow us to keep the project from negatively affecting operations.


Safety, Quality, Performance

Harder Mechanical has the right people, capabilities, and resources to meet your largest and most complex projects.
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Safety is at the heart of quality and performance. Our customers trust us to manage safe and successful projects.
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