Evolving With Industry: The Harder Mechanical Story

For over eighty years, Harder Mechanical has continuously refined its processes, creating safe environments from which our skilled staff can focus on the quality craftsmanship we demand. As the needs of industry evolve, we apply our expertise to each new challenge.

Homes for Wartime Workers

During World War II, the shipyards of Portland, Oregon were a vital part of the war effort. Thousands of workers migrated to the area to work at the teeming shipyards. They all needed places to live.

A small local plumbing contractor founded in 1934 reinvented itself so it could quickly join the effort to build the housing for these workers. The company that would eventually become Harder Mechanical saw a need and then scaled to meet it, providing quality and reliability to projects that demanded both.

Hydroelectric, the Backbone of an Economy

Ever since, Harder has adapted and grown with the evolution of industry. When industry needs to build a new process, Harder is ready.

During and after the war, the Pacific Northwest focused its attention on the power generation potential of the Columbia watershed. Hydroelectric energy promised cheap, abundant power to build an economy.

Harder Mechanical evolved into a provider of the process piping, centerline construction, and other intensive processes required for hydroelectric installations.

This is just the beginning. Harder continues to grow in existing industries and continues to seek new horizons.

Pulp and Paper

Harder commits to the industries we serve, participating in their process for decades.

The Pacific Northwest has been home to a thriving lumber industry for well over a century. We grew with the industry and continue to participate. For over 40 years, Harder Mechanical has been developing the conveyance and mechanical systems for pulp and paper mills. As our customers’ needs have changed with industry conditions, they continue to come to us for solutions.

High-Tech Process Manufacturing: The Future Starts Now

When high-tech manufacturing sprung up, few predicted the extent that it would change our economy. When it was barely more than a cottage industry, Harder partnered with the pioneers of silicon chip manufacturing to develop unprecedented production processes.

Computer chip and high-tech factories required new, super-clean manufacturing systems. Harder built its own fabrication clean rooms and pioneered training in orbital welding.

Chip fabrication changes fast, and new processes are always on the drafting table. Harder continues to help make each new innovative idea a reality. Harder is the leading piping and process service provider in the region and plans to be for many years to come.

All around the western United States, Harder is building the processes for industry.

Power Generation

As the American electrical grid required more energy, Harder responded by helping to build power generation facilities.

Harder continues to build and maintain power generation facilities, including the recent PGE Port Westward project.

Applying Our Skills to Food and Beverage

There is a snowball effect of our knowledge and experience. When the unexpected opportunity appears, we are ready.

Harder responds to the needs of new and evolving processes. When the food and beverage industry taps into the market and seeks to expand their capacity, Harder steps in to implement the upgrades. For Widmer Brewing, we did just that.

Sticking With It

For each industry it serves, Harder stands as the leading service provider in the region. We have found strength and stability in our diversified skill set. By providing quality service to all of these industries, Harder continues to be strong and ready regardless of fluctuations in individual industries.

Harder is a fifth generation family-owned company. Throughout eight decades, Harder has responded to every new challenge.

Ready For The Next Challenge

A company expanding to provide for a large-scale residential plumbing operation in 1940 could not predict that in 40 years it would be a leader in high-tech manufacturing processes.

A company that aided in the centerline installs of hydroelectric projects could not foresee that it would one day participate in the emergence of renewable energy production or develop complex pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

Harder has done all this, and we continue to provide for the needs of our customers.

When the next industry needs our commitment, Harder is ready.

Harder Mechanical is dedicated to continuous improvement and safety. Our approach means we can take on the hard jobs.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our customers trust us to manage safe, successful projects. Read about the results of Harder’s extensive safety program.

The Harder Way works. We have proven it for eighty years. We are proving it again this very day.