Management Practices Yield Quality and Safety

At Harder Mechanical Contractors, we believe that safety is the foundation for quality craftsmanship and productivity. We will never sacrifice the health or safety of anyone affiliated with our projects, a commitment backed by our top management. That commitment is shared by our field management team members and supervisors who are trained and empowered to support injury and incident-free work. Ultimately, the success of our safety and health program is realized through our education and training programs that motivate cooperation from each employee. Worker support and commitment has enabled us to achieve incredible results. We sustain our long-term commitment to safety by establishing and enforcing all necessary procedures.

2016 Teddy Award Winner

The message that safety comes first at Harder Mechanical Contractors proves itself in the company’s stats: our lost-time accident rate is zero, the product of 18 million man hours without a lost-time accident. It wasn’t those numbers alone that impressed the Risk & Insurance® magazine Teddy Awards judges. It was the complete package of a corporate culture dedicated to employee safety that inspired them to select HMC to receive one of four Theodore Roosevelt Workers’ Compensation and Disability Management Awards for 2016. We are the first construction company to earn this honor.

The prestigious award, named after the President who promoted the first significant workers’ compensation legislation, recognizes outstanding safe work performance and risk management. Judges look for companies that have excelled in reducing the number and cost of injuries to their workers. This award is a significant achievement that places HMC among other distinguished companies, including these recipients in past years: Honda, Harley Davidson, PetSmart, Target, Aramark and American Airlines.

To read the full article about HMC, “The Family That’s Safe Together,” in Risk & Insurance.

Excellence Through Education

As technology and industries change, work practices must evolve to align with current safety and health standards. To maintain our excellent record and reputation, HMC offers daily, weekly and monthly comprehensive training sessions on a range of important and relevant topics for employees.

Industry Averages: Lost Time Rate = 2.3, Recordable Rate = 4.2

Safety is Our Core Value

Harder Mechanical expects every employee to maintain safety on every job. Our customers trust us to manage safe projects, and our success in doing so has earned significant recognition by the industries we serve.

Make the Next Job Even Safer than the Last One

We strive to improve quality and performance with each new project. Our success has established Harder Mechanical as the industry standard for a safe and healthy work environment. Since 2010, we’ve safely worked more than 33 million labor hours with zero lost-time accidents. Achieving that kind of record requires more than proper PPE; it is the product of excellence in execution.

We consider every angle, leaving nothing to chance whenever possible. We train our project leaders to identify existing and potential job hazards, and to raise awareness among employees so they will work safely in every situation.

Harder Mechanical is dedicated to continuous improvement and safety. Our approach means we can take on the hard jobs.

Our clients have the most demanding specifications. To meet their needs, we implement rigid, process-driven quality-control measures.

The Harder Way works. We have proven it for eighty years. We are proving it again this very day.