Repeatable Quality

  • Experienced quality control staff
  • State of the art QA manuals
  • Innovative approach to training in all crafts
  • Continual project and system auditing

The Harder Approach to Quality

To achieve quality results, commitment to quality must translate into execution at the project level. Harder Mechanical continually improves a wide range of programs aimed at putting quality into action.

  • Use state-of-the-art quality assurance manuals and customize them for each project.
  • Detailed quality control procedures for all special processes.
  • Project-specific manufacturing and inspection (M&I) plans.
  • Easy to follow instructions for craft professionals.
  • Over 200 ASME/AWS/API qualified welding procedures.
  • Cover all common processes including FCAW, GMAW, GMAW-S, GTAW, Orbital GTAW, SAW and SMAW, Bonding and Brazing.
  • Complete welder performance qualification database with continuity log.
  • All of our welders are nationally certified.
  • Develop innovative craft and management training programs.
  • Constantly update all personnel on current code, standards, and specification requirements.
  • Cover all projects with our own internal auditing program that is managed by our QA/QC department.

Learn about the real world results of our quality program on our project page

Delivering quality takes more than lip service. To continually overcome new challenges in new industries, Harder commits to quality projects no matter the situation. Harder blends training, certifications, and auditing to improve our process and results. Our commitment to quality work has made Harder Mechanical a recognized leader across the industries we serve.


Harder Mechanical has the right people, capabilities, and resources to meet your largest and most complex projects.
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Safety is at the heart of quality and performance. Our customers trust us to manage safe and successful projects.
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