Anyone Can Do the Easy Stuff

Harder Mechanical has spent almost a century tackling the tough, complex projects. We do quality, sophisticated piping the right way, the Harder Way. We deliver safely, on time, and on budget.

Build on Every Success

Harder Mechanical is dedicated to continuous improvement. Not only do we improve upon project plans at the completion of the job, we look for ways to make improvements on a weekly basis. This is done through detailed planning and variance tracking, visible to the entire project team. From infrastructure investment to ongoing professional skill building, Harder is always growing, diversifying and improving. Our solutions will keep pace with your changing needs.

We Are Family

Harder sets the industry standard for a safe work environment, career stability, and professional development. Since 1934, five generations of the Harder family have carried on the company’s commitment to safety and performance.

The company’s heritage is more than a story of people named Harder. Many of our dedicated employees have been with us for decades. These skilled craftsmen apply their expertise to the company’s work. They also share their deep knowledge, mentoring new generations of engineers and craftsmen who enthusiastically incorporate state-of-the-art ideas and technologies. Their fresh ideas keep the company at the forefront of industry practices including LEAN construction methods, BIM and cloud based project management.

Generations of loyalty and expertise have kept our company strong and ensure our future.

Open Door to Higher Performance

A lot of companies tout an open-door policy for company leadership. Harder considers management transparency mission critical. We invest a lot in our people, and we refuse to bury their creativity, innovation, and dedication under a mountain of corporate hierarchy.

When everyone in the company has a voice, we all become stakeholders in our success and the success of our clients.

An open flow of ideas ensures our unwavering focus on safety, quality, and performance. This is our culture. We work together—always learning, growing, and improving.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our customers trust us to manage safe, successful projects. Read about the results of Harder’s extensive safety program.

Our clients have the most demanding specifications. To meet their needs, we implement rigid, process-driven quality-control measures.

The Harder Way works. We have proven it for eighty years. We are proving it again this very day.